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Start your own CBD business

Choose the no#1 startup business that is growing faster than any other! Rapid growth in the CBD Industry will lead to great success!

Launch your own CBD brand & business

Make your selection below, and Let’s Get Started!

Private Label

Our Private Label Program allows us to help you launch your own unique CBD business.


As a Retailer, you can order as much product as you want, and we will ship direct.


Join our Affiliate Program, and get commissions by selling to your customers.

Still not understanding it all? Here are answers to some of the popular questions.

Create your own CBD Brand with our help!

Getting Started is easy, you don’t need any experience to get up and running, because we do most of the work. We will guide you through the entire process. Let’s Get Started!

The key to success are as easy as 1-2-3.!

We need you to follow these instructions closely to ensure a speedy delivery!

1. You will need to Register Your Business in the USA. You will need your IRS Tax Number, and Business Registration Number to start.

2. You will need to choose from our Select White Label Products. Once you are all signed up we will send you the PDF and a link to download our pricelist.

3. Website Design & Development: Once you signup you will receive a beautiful templated website, that will be optimized for maximum online visibility. (*Changes to this template may cause the price to vary. Call us with any questions concerning the website.

4. Design & Print Labels: Once you have your Logo and Labels completed, you may submit this to us by email. If we did the design, we can make sure to print for you. (*Additional design costs may apply according to special design needs.)

5. Order and Ship Wholesale Products. Once you have Registered Your Business in the U.S.A., completed your Logo and  Labels, completed your Website, you must then select and order your Products. We will label them with your new labels and ship them to you direct. (*Additional shipping costs may apply.)

A reputable supplier providing the highest quality!

Finding a reputable supplier is not the easiest thing, so not only do we help build your entire business, we offer an assortment of high quality wholesale product.

A Turnkey Solution for you and your business?

By the term “Turnkey”; we actually mean, we will get you up and running and quick!

CBDBizStartups offers turnkey solutions for individuals, and firms that wish to enter the market of hemp-based products and supplements.

  • We specialize in hemp wholesale trading. Since we handle large volumes of the most popular hemp products, we can help your business expand into this lucrative and socially beneficial market.
  • We also offer attractive private labeling solutions for our business customers to launch their own hemp supplements with their own label.
  • Our private labeling solutions can be coupled with custom formulation so our business customers can create their own custom formulas for hemp supplements, always adhering to state and federal regulations.
  • We will soon also offer competitive dropshipping options to our business customers, empowering them to utilize our robust distribution network to trade in large volume.